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Medical Camouflage for stretch mark and scars is a tattooing method in which we camouflage scars and stretch marks with different color flesh tone pigments, its purpose is to disguise the area that is missing pigment or color. It is a permanent cosmetic service that is very popular in Brazil and the United Kingdom. Keep in mind with stretch mark camouflage; the actual stretch marks will still appear we are just covering up what we see!

This is a noninvasive procedure. There is no bleeding, and no pain after the procedure, allowing you to return immediately to your life. A topical anesthetic ointment is liberally applied to numb the skin and make the treatment comfortable but will not take the full pain away.

Although there will be excellent results with the initial treatment, please allow two to three visits to achieve perfectly soft and natural results. Creating the illusion of protrusion, or three-dimensionally is an intricate process requiring attention to tone and shadow. The goal of each session is to perfect the design as well as correct asymmetry. Each session should take anywhere from 1-3 hours, depending on how big the area is.

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