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Authentic Natural Jade Roller
Our Jade Roller and Gua Sha Stone is made of 100% pure natural jade. It helps with closing pores, lymphatic drainage, blood circulation, relieves stress, leaving you in a relax mood.

Unrivaled Quality & Mute Design
Unlike other rollers that squeak and break, this new jade quartz roller comes with a stronger integrated frame, a reinforced handle, and a silent but also smooth experience when rolling.

Eliminates Wrinkles And Fine Lines
Put your Jade Roller in the fridge before use and unwind by massaging your skin with a nice cold roller that can immediately remove muscle strains, smooths fine lines and eliminates wrinkles. A better, healthier skin through natural jade stones.

You Will Become More Confident
Maybe your face is full of wrinkles, your skin is dull, and your mood is down. You will be happy after using our Jade Roller. When you use it in conjunction with your skin care products, our roller promotes absorption, improves dullness, eliminates wrinkles, dark circles, and accumulated melanin.

Jade Roller A Perfect Gift for Anyone
We are confident that our Jade Roller would make a perfect gift for anyone you want to give it too. Wether it be for a birthday, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, wedding anniversary, brides maids, or any special occasion, it’s a gift of a lifetime. 

The Benefits:
    •    Stimulates collagen production
    •    Plump fine lines and reduce cell turnover time
    •    Help close and minimize enlarged pores
    •    Tighten and firm the skin by boosting elastin
    •    Improves elasticity of the skin
    •    Promotes lymphatic drainage
    •    Reduces dark under-eye circles
    •    Softens and tones the skin

Where To Use
The Jade Roller Tool is ideal for the neck, chin, cheeks, forehead, around the eyes, nose, and lips. A facial skin massager that will cool, tighten, and relax your facial expressions. It can be used with your favorite facial serum and moisturizer as it will help to be absorbed more effectively.

Jade gua sha is great for the body to massage your neck, shoulders and face. A simple and efficient healing technique tool that helps address the loss of firmness and elasticity in the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Users Guide
Move from the center of the forehead beginning at the hairline, rolling towards the ear, down to the temple. Repeat 4-7 times. Focus attention on fine lines and eyebrow furrow.

Use the small roller to tone the lids and under-eye area. Move from the inner corner of the eye area to the ear.

Nose, Lips, Chin
Use larger roller to work from the nose out to the ear. Continue with the upper lip, lower lip, and the chin. Roll along the lower jawline of the chin, making your way to the ear lobe.

Start at chin and swipe upward toward cheekbones. Make sweeping motions up under the chin towards ears, then down the neck toward the collar bones.

What You Get
1* facial massage roller
1* jade Guasha tool
    •    Authentic Natural Jade Roller- The jade face roller is made of 100% Original & Premium quality jade stone. It’s Anti-aging, anti-wrinkles, reduces dark circles under eyes, rejuvenates skin without any chemicals or irritants. Smooth touch feeling that never hurts your skin. Long lasting, super easy to care.
    •    Rose Jade Roller & Guasha Set-Includes a jade roller and one guasha scraping tool in the gift box. Jade face massager is ideal for neck, chin, cheeks, forehead, around the eyes, nose, and lips. Jade gua sha stone its great to be used on your body, to massage your neck, shoulders, and face.
    •    Say Goodbye To Puffiness, Wrinkles and Fine Lines-Using our anti-aging skin care beauty toolkit as a part of your daily routine will help you relax your face and body. It will also help reduce dark circles, puffiness and promote blood circulation around the eye area with the Jade Roller and Gua Sha, which increases lymphatic drainage. After a few days, you'll notice some significant changes.
    •    Rejuvenate and Relax-Indulge yourself by massaging your skin with our premium Jade Roller and Gua Sha Stone! Feel the stone's soothing surface glide across your face while restoring its complexion and revitalizing its natural shine while transforming it into a clean canvas that is free of acne. Immediately remove muscle tension as the roller smooths fine lines and eliminates wrinkles and gives your skin a healthy glow.
    •    Perfect Beauty Gift With 100% Satisfaction Guarantee-Our Jade Roller and Guasha scraping tool is a top quality self skincare tool which is perfect for a gift or keeping it to yourself. It will cool, tighten, and de-puff your face in seconds as it massages. Our company’s culture is focused on customer care and experience. That's why we offer you a 24/7 and 365 days support for any questions you might have.

Natual Rose Quartz Facial Jade Roller and Gua Sha

$30.00 Regular Price
$19.50Sale Price
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